Children and Parents

Bronte Allen

Child and adolescent counselling 

I specialise in supporting young people who have experienced difficulties or trauma. Traumatic life experiences such as neglect, abuse, or loss may result in struggles with expression of feelings, difficulties with relationships and becoming overwhelmed and dysregulated. Sessions with children are child led, where I will support them to make sense of their struggles and worries through play, art, music, or discussion.  Adolescents may prefer discussion-based sessions, where I will assess their difficulties and support them with strategies. I provide a safe and supportive space for all young people to share and work through their worries.

Counselling for parents

I provide counselling for parents and carers of young people who have experienced complex trauma. I can help you to understand your child when they are struggling with friendships, expressing emotions, or having behavioural issues at home or school.  The young person or child in your care may be showing symptoms related to their experiences of trauma and neglect, such as anxiety, flash backs or triggers.  Through an initial assessment process, I will gather information to understand the issues for your young person or child and then support you to understand their presentation.  With this knowledge I will provide information around the impact of trauma and development, and through a collaborative process, discuss intervention and strategies to assist you.


"Bronte has been supporting our now 12-year-old son for the last 1.5 years. We have since seen a significant improvement in his anxiety and self-confidence. Bronte has a natural warm and kind personality, this helped us all feel comfortable from the beginning.  Simultaneously she is very professional and often offered us practical strategies and advice to help us better support our son." -Grant