As counsellors and therapists, we are dedicated to helping others at the most difficult times in their lives, We invest so much of ourselves into enriching the lives of those we work with. But this can be hard to manage at times, especially where our clients' issues may touch on personal challenges. We invite you to make a further investment in yourself - especially where you answer 'yes' to one or more of the following questions.  

  • Are you stressed by work?
  • Are you finding it hard to 'switch off' after you leave work?
  • Are you noticing that work stress is affecting your relationships with your partner, your kids?

If so, counselling can help you find your way back to enjoying your work and your relationships!

Professional Supervision

No matter what our level of professional experience and skills, as counsellors and therapists we continue to need a space just for us. A space to reflect on our practice, to make sense of the complex range of emotions and thoughts we may have in response to our work. Sometimes, this complexity can also be reflected in our relationship with our colleagues, or with the organisation of which we are a part. Professional supervision can be a crucial piece of our self-care, so we can return renewed and refreshed to our clients and provide them with the very best that we have to offer them.

We have professional training and experience in offering supervision to counsellors and therapists. We are committed to the provision of high-quality support to our colleagues who are undertaking this essential work of helping our community to heal the effects of trauma.


Tuning Relationships with Music™ is a systemic therapy for parents and young people who have experienced trauma, and who are experiencing high levels of conflict in their relationship.

Training in the method is available for professionals working with families, as well as for organisations and professional groups - please contact us for more information. Full copies of published peer reviewed papers about the intervention are available free of charge - please provide your email address to receive these.

Join our online community for counsellors, psychotherapists and music therapists who want to be part of the conversation about developing further training and research into systemic interventions that work for families dealing with the aftermath of abuse or neglect.

Training is endorsed by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) for 24 CPD points. For more detail about the intervention and training dates, go to

Videos about TRM can be viewed on YouTube at

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